4.6/5 (1,300+ Reviews)

Say goodbye to paw licking and support your dog's gut health and well-being.

Australian made probiotics.

Formulated & made by vets.

Designed to help with paw licking & scratching.

Works to decrease gut inflammation.

Suitable for all breeds & ages.

"His gut issues settled, paw licking stopped and his irritated skin is gone. Thank you so much, Petz Park!"

Olivia, SYD

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Formulated & made in Australia.

3 Reasons Why Petz Park Probiotic Is A Must-Have For Your Dog


Helps with excessive itching

A bacterial imbalance in the gut can quickly disrupt your dog's overall health, leading to various issues such as skin flaking, sores and persistent itching.

These symptoms often cause discomfort and distress for your dog and while anti-itch creams and shampoos can provide temporary relief, they do not address the underlying cause. Petz Park Probiotic is specifically formulated to target the root of the problem from within, promoting a balanced gut microbiome.

A fluffy dog enjoying a relaxing grooming session.


Alleviates discomfort from
paw licking and scratching

One of the first signs of an unbalanced gut is excessive paw licking and scratching in dogs. An unbalanced gut causes inflammation from the inside out, making dog's paws itch and causing them to excessively lick them. Petz Park Probiotic targets the root cause, promoting lasting comfort and health.

A cute black and white fluffy dog licking its paw while lying on a gray blanket.


Effective for multiple health challenges

Good health starts in the gut. An imbalance between good and bad bacteria in your dog's gut may hinder their ability to digest food properly.

When the gut is unbalanced, "bad" bacteria take over, leading to problems like allergies and food intolerances. This buildup of "bad" bacteria in the gut, known as Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), can cause significant health issues for your dog.

Petz Park Probiotic for Dogs contains a blend of prebiotics and probiotics as well as a whopping 2.2 billion CFU per scoop, to help restore gut balance and promote a happier, healthier pet.

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We want your experience with us to be a pleasant one - which is why we like to keep things as simple as possible. If for some reason things don't go quite to plan, we have a 40 day money back guarantee which allows our dedicated customer service team to put things right again.

A woman holding a probiotic container while sitting next to a brown and white dog.

Say goodbye to paw licking and support your dog's gut health and well-being.

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40-day money back guarantee


No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or GMOs. Dairy-free.

The #1 Choice For Dog Owners

4.6/5 (1,300+ Reviews)

Amazing Nutrition

"My little girl ruby has shown so much improvement no more scratching or eating grass like she used to I’ve been giving her probiotics for a month. I will definitely order again."

- Lillian F.

Definitely see an improvement

"Since my 12 year old dog Milly has been taking the probiotics for dogs, she hasn’t had an upset tummy. She sits and waits every morning for me to mix the powder into a teaspoon of yoghurt before she licks it all up. I can definitely see an improvement of her overall health since taking this supplement. 😊"

- Sharon J.

Would definitely recommend

"Fantastic! After trialing this for a few weeks, we noticed her behaviour settle as well as her obsession to eat grass! Would definitely recommend!"

- Callum A.

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