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Important Information

For dogs aged 6+ months. Designed to keep your dog's mouth free of disease.
⚠️ Not suitable for dogs under 6 months.

How do I feed Dental Sticks to my dog?

Simply allow your dog to chew their long-lasting dental stick until finished.
Top Petz Park Tip: For a deeper clean, try adding Toothpaste for Dogs in the ridges.

How long do I have to wait to see results?

Please allow for 4-6 consecutive weeks before seeing improvements in your dog's mouth.

Does it work?

We pride ourselves on creating products that work. Dental Sticks uses carefully selected and important ingredients to achieve the best results possible.

How often do I feed sticks?

Dental Sticks are designed to be used daily for optimal results.


Can I break it up?

The idea is that your dog chews through the stick for optimal cleaning. Breaking into smaller pieces will also occupy your dog for less time.


Is it made in Australia?

Absolutely! All Petz Park products are made in Australia. Petz Park is located in Sydney, NSW.


Want a deeper clean? Try adding Toothpaste for Dogs into the ridges of your sticks for fresher breath and a deeper clean!


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