We made a promise to the Petz Park Family that we will continue to provide the best results possible when it comes to formulating our supplements.
That’s why we’re always looking for ways that we can be even better.
We are continuously learning, reviewing and improving our products alongside our team of experts in order to optimise every formula that we create.
In saying that, we are very proud to present our brand new formula for Probiotic for Dogs, with an improved blend of ingredients and formulation, designed to deliver even better results for your dog.


probiotic for dogs 
Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Coagulans, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Boulardii, Beta Glucans, Organic Pea Fibre and Organic Green Banana Fibre
Every scoop of this improved Probiotic contains a massive 2.2 BILLION CFU.

Why did we update our formula?

We wanted to do even better
We are always learning, reviewing and improving in order to achieve optimal results for pets around Australia. We researched and trialled a variety of ingredients and formulas with our team of experts and created a new formula with even better results than the last.

We wanted to help more pet owners

We set our standards high because you and your pet deserve nothing short of the best. By providing an even more powerful formula, we can achieve more results with even the toughest of pets to crack!

We wanted to make it easy

Dosage levels are now the same across all of our supplements according to your pet’s weight category. This makes it easy to remember just how many scoops your pet needs per day.

We wanted better results

We trialled our new formula with existing Petz Park customers who were already using our previous formula.
We’re ecstatic to report that we’ve collected the following feedback:
  • Firmer stools than before
  • Reduced yeast infections
  • Less scratching and paw licking
  • Stools smell much better than before
New and improved Probiotic for Dogs available right now!
The newest version of this digestive dog supplement is live on our website right now. We hope you love it as much as us and we really look forward to hearing your feedback and stories about your pets!