Skin and Coat supplement for dogs restores skin health, maintains coat shine and soothes hotspots
benefits of fish oil, Omega 3 EPA and DHA for dogs
active ingredients of skin supplement for dogs
Promotes heart health and reduces inflammation
Omega 3's many benefits for dogs include improved skin and coat health
dosage recommendations for omega 3 health care product for dogs

Skin & Coat Supplements for Dogs

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🐾 RESTORES SKIN HEALTH: Skin + Coat helps to condition your dog’s itchy, sensitive, flaky and dry skin. This powerful formula also relieves those hotspots caused by those irritations using its special Omega 3 feature.

🐾 ENHANCES COAT SHINE: Every scoop allows your dog to feel their best by transforming their once dull, dry and brittle coat into a shiny, soft and strong mane that they can be proud of.

🐾 REDUCES SHEDDING AND DANDRUFF: A commonality amongst households is shedding and dandruff that comes with it. Skin + Coat is a prime way to keep your dog’s coat where it belongs!

🐾 MINIMISE ALLERGIES: By protecting your dog’s skin health, its natural barrier function against allergens improves. This means that Skin + Coat helps to reduce seasonal allergies in your dog.

🐾 IMPROVES HEART FUNCTION: This Petz Park formula improves heart health and immune systems by promoting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response.

🐾 MADE IN AUSTRALIA: Proudly made here in Australia, Skin + Coat’s unique mix of ingredients is suitable for any age and breed of dog.


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