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petz park stress and anxiety supplement for dogs



In under a month she has stopped limping completely. Marley is like a new dog. Back to doing the thing she loves the most - running on the beach!

Lex and Marley

My dogs gobble it up!

Naomi and Cooper

About a week now and both dogs are eating better, Storm's hair seems softer and shinier, Comet's hair has started to thicken up in parts.

Phyllis, Storm and Comet

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The Petz Park Promise

petz park supplement formulas


When it comes to our formulas, we perform extensive research to ensure that every ingredient serves a beneficial purpose for your dog. With us, keeping your dog healthy and happy is easy.

petz park product ingredients


Dog parents deserve to know what goes into every product. That’s why we are transparent with our customers about every single ingredient in our carefully crafted formulas.

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petz park guarantee


We guarantee that all of our Australian made products are created with one important goal in mind - to keep your dog as strong as the bond they share with you.

Tales and Tails

Australian Made Dog Supplements

We make powerful formulas with ingredients known to make all the difference to your dog, addressing multiple health concerns for many stages of their lives.

Our unmatched joint formula helps to keep dog’s joints moving freely as they age. Our hemp-featuring Probiotic and omega 3-rich Skin + Coat product aims to regulate gut health and boost your dog’s appearance. Keep your dog focussed and on task with Stress + Anxiety or use Cognitive Support to stay mindfully connected to each other for longer. Multivitamin for dogs is the ultimate energy booster, including vitamins and minerals for an overall vitality kick.

All supplements are in powder form in order for us to keep inactive ingredients to a minimum.

It also allows you to try lots of ways of feeding your supplement to your dog.

The whole Petz Park range is made right here in Australia and is designed to leave us with the best results possible. 

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