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At Petz Park, we are devoted to caring and helping every dog. From puppy-hood right through to their senior years, we help them live their best life. 

Science has shown the benefits of holistic health versus a reliance on medications for all minor aches and ailments.

This thinking extends not just to people but your dog as well. Actively keeping your furry friend functioning at their peak is far healthier than waiting for an unexpected or ageing related illness to strike.

We don’t believe in multiple supplements with a library of ingredients, that’s why we only make a few selected products. Why? The one simple reason - these supplements are all most dogs will ever really need.


🐾 Hip and Joint Support for Dogs contains a full 800mg of Glucosamine, 400mg of MSM and 400mg of Chondroitin Sulfate. These combine to support joint health for all ages, improve mobility as your dog gets older, and relieve pain due to ageing, hip dysplasia, and arthritis. Comes in a chewable natural beef flavour. 


🐾 Probiotic for Dogs contains a blend of Prebiotics and Probiotics to support healthy digestion, gut flora and gut bacteria. Many diseases can be related to a compromised gut. Our 100% Natural formula, containing Certified Organic Ingredients, helps boost your best friend’s immune system and supports overall health and vitality. The Petz Park Probiotic for Dogs provides a balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in an easily absorbable form.


🐾 Skin and Coat Support for Dogs contains a blend of Alaska Omega, Biotin, and Vitamin E to help dogs with dry and itchy skin to reduce flaking, excessive scratching, and discomfort. Vitamin C and Omega-3 (with EPA and DHA) support your dog's immune system. With over 500mg of Omega fatty acids per chew, your dog’s skin and coat will be in top-notch condition. Comes in a chewable natural chicken flavour.


🐾 Stress and Anxiety Behaviour Support for Dogs contains all natural ingredients (along with Organic Hemp) to help alleviate fidgeting, jumping, running restlessness, and erratic behaviour. Not all canine stress reactions and behaviour is due to thunder and lightning storms. It can be due to separation anxiety, a past history of abuse (prior to you adopting your puppy), or an inborn tendency to a hyper personality. Helping your dog with stress and anxiety and getting that tucked tail wagging again is what Petz Park’s Stress and Anxiety Behaviour Support is all about.


Helping your best friend unleash their optimal health and stay by your side for a long time