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At Petz Park, we are devoted to caring and helping every dog. We exist to create a better future for all dogs by helping them reach their optimal health right from the start.


Hugo the Pug is a loving, caring and noisy bundle of joy that has been part of the family since 2011. He was experiencing issues due to age and the common wear that comes with it. After creating Petz Park products and seeing the difference they made to Hugo, that’s when we realised;

Why are we solving problems that could be prevented in the first place?


We found that for many years, humans have waited for illnesses to strike before addressing the issue. And the same goes for their dogs.

Research has shown the benefits of holistic health versus a reliance on medications for all minor aches and ailments. Actively keeping your furry friend functioning at their peak is far healthier than waiting for an unexpected or age-related illness to strike.

After experiencing the positive change in Hugo, we decided to dedicate ourselves to providing a holistic alternative to every dog's lifestyle.


Made with love and science, each one of our health care products include a simple, yet powerful formula with none of the added nasty stuff, (including the price tag!).

Of course, we didn’t want any of our best friends to miss out – that’s why we made sure our products can be used by any breed of dog, at any age.


We started with a vision to keep families and their dogs together for a longer time. Today, we are surrounded by like-minded doggie parents that have joined the Petz Park family.

We are grateful to have helped thousands of dogs across Australia and we will continue our mission until we've helped them all.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. – Benjamin Franklin


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Helping your best friend unleash their optimal health and stay by your side for a long time