Petz Park Health Tips for Dogs

Humans and dogs are more similar than you may think.

But what are the most common problems when it comes to dog health?

 It’s easy to get excited about introducing a new dog or puppy to the family (and rightly so!), but it’s also easy to forget things that may affect your dog as they age.

We’ve put together some information on the health problems we get asked about the most. We want to help you make informed decisions and know what to look out for if problems ever arise.  

Arthritis, anxiety, hotspots, bloating, dementia and malnutrition in dogs are common topics that we love to educate on. We even create products to help relieve and prevent symptoms of each of them.

Find out what they are, what causes them and how you can help by reading any of the links below.


yellow senior labrador dogs with joint related problems

Arthritis in Dogs: Signs, Symptoms and How to Help


dog stressed out about separation anxiety

Where Does Anxiety in Dogs Come From?


great dane prone to bloating

Bloating: When is it an Emergency?


dog with itch

What are Hotspots in Dogs?


dog and their owner with dementia

Living with Dog Dementia


dog nutrition what to eat and when

Nutrition for Dogs


Senior Dog Health Care