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What Causes Stress and Anxiety in Dogs?

For owners of unhappy dogs, they might feel like "everything!" causes stress and anxious behaviour.

However, with a little observation you can identify the different primary causes of stress and anxiety in your doggo and apply the best management solutions with greatest effect.


Genuine fear of something can cause anxiety. Fear can be triggered by stimuli such as:

  • people, other animals and objects
  • vet visits or specific experiences like car rides
  • loud noises such as storms, fireworks, banging and vacuum cleaners, etc.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs arises when a dog is unable to find comfort when left alone or separated from certain people. This type of anxiety can manifest into:

  • destructive behaviours
  • excessive barking
  • urination and/or defecation


Age-related anxiety affects senior dogs and may be associated with the brain disease CCD, (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction).

Dogs with CCD experience a memory, perception and awareness decline and the lack of control and increased confusion can cause a dog to feel anxious or wary.

Formulated for Instant and Ongoing Relief

Our Stress and Anxiety supplements can help soothe and calm your dog quickly, as well as help them regain focus and attentiveness. Safe for dogs of all ages and sizes, it's formulated with natural, high quality ingredients including:

  • chamomile
  • B1 vitamins
  • valerian root
  • passion flower

With the right application, customers have found their dogs soothed and calmer, and able to tackle or enjoy previously stressful situations within 30 minutes.

Help them thrive

Just like people, constant stress and anxiety can take a toll on your overall health. We've found customers achieve great results, including improved energy and mood, when combined with our Multivitamins.


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When to Use Stress and Anxiety Supplements

When you've identified your dog's key triggers you can use supplements to their greatest effect.

For specific triggers:

  • we recommend adding a measured scoop of Stress and Anxiety supplements to their meal or yoghurt 30 minutes before that event.
  • This helps your dog to be more calm and can help them disassociate the triggering event with stress.

If your dog displays anxious behaviour all of the time:

  • we recommend adding Stress and Anxiety into their daily diet to help soothe and calm your dog.
  • You and your pupper may also find working with a specialist dog trainer helpful in breaking the cycle of stress.
  • A trainer may also recommend additional training aids such as anti-stress beds, vests and substitute items to provide added comfort.

Three steps to help your dog break the cycle of stress and anxiety

Obsessive Itching, Scratching and Licking?

When stressed and anxious, dogs can develop physiological habits like compulsive itching, scratching and licking.

It's important to eliminate the possibility of underlying skin, coat or digestive issues before you assign this behaviour stress and anxiety, so check with your vet.

For dogs of any age or breed that worry their coat to the point of damage to fur or skin, you may want to combine Stress and Anxiety with Skin + Coat, to speed the recovery of affected areas.

Note! Excessive licking of paws can also be a sign of yeast infections, particularly for dogs on antibiotics, in which case we recommend adding Probiotics. If in doubt - always check with your vet.

Anti stress and anxiety for dogs, stress relief, no more fidgeting whimpering separation anxiety, product for dog anxiety
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Help Repair and Revitalise Your Dog's Skin and Coat

Our scientifically formulated supplements are created with high quality ingredients. We're constantly working to perfect our products and are motivated to keep our focus on results with customer feedback like this!

Trust in the results! Check out these before and after photos for Jack who's been using our Skin and Coat supplements.

"These supplements have made a huge difference to my dog Jack. His fur is growing back and is looking amazing. I highly recommend these products, and the customer service is amazing. We feel like Petz Park really cares about Jack.

After spending a fortune on things that don't work, I couldn't be happier."

Review by: Carole Temple, 14 Jan 2021

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