An Australian Shepard who has been using Petz Park Multivitamins and Skin and Coat supplements sits up on his haunches with his tongue lolling.

Probiotics for dogs can support healthy gut function and improve your pupper's energy, nutrition and skin and coat.

Why Probiotics for Dogs?

Every dog has a unique and naturally occurring gut microbiome - a mix of different types of good bacteria and other microbes (such as viruses, fungi, etc) in its gastrointestinal tract.

A healthy microbiome is crucial for your dog’s health as it aids in the absorption of nutrients from food and supports healthy immune and nervous systems and hormone regulation.

When your dog's mix of bacteria gets out of balance, disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), flatulence, digestive issues, immune system reactions, allergies, diabetes, and low-energy/ low-mood can result.

Poor diets, fussy eaters and dogs on medication are more prone to an out of balance gut microbiome.

How to restore your dog's healthy gut function

Probiotics for dogs, help to restore the mix of good bacteria. Our Australian made products are formulated with ingredients that are known to support healthy gut function.

Our 100% natural, certified organic probiotics are loaded with beneficial prebiotics and probiotics that:

    • decreases the side effects of medication, particularly antibiotics
    • relieves digestive issues such as gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea
    • soothes allergies
    • promotes oral health and reduces bad breath
    • is suitable for all breeds, ages and sizes

Probiotic for dogs to help with gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea
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petz park multivitamin for dogs, made in australia, dog multivitamin, vitamins for dogs
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from $30.95


a customer review of Petz Park's Probiotics for dogs by a miniature schnauser's owner.


Tackle Stubborn Skin and Coat diseases

Allergies and skin disorders are often associated with a poor immune system, inflammation and dysfunctional digestive systems.

Food and medication can also be a source of underlying skin conditions and it takes time to identify the culprit with exclude and challenge testing.

Probiotics, when combined with our Skin and Coat supplement can help heal the gut and address inflammation with natural ingredients.


Probiotic for dogs to help with gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea
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from $32.95
Skin and Coat supplement for dogs restores skin health, maintains coat shine and soothes hotspots
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"Tired of seeing my fur baby so uncomfortable every day."

Read about this Hungarian Vizsla's road to recovery with a persistent Mumma who was determined to find the right solution for her dog.

Customer review for Hungarian Vizsla on Probiotics and Skin + Coat supplements by Petz Park

"So your fur baby is itchy? Hair loss? Red raw skin and they’re downright miserable? You’ve probably tried antihistamines, maybe even paired with Apoquel (anti-itch meds) and now you’re starting to wonder if you need to try a different approach?

Feel the vet prescribed meds are addressing the symptoms but not the underlying cause?

That was me, 4 months ago.

Tired of seeing my fur baby so uncomfortable every day. I found this website - so have you! Well, you’re in the right place.

First I ordered the Skin + Coat paired with the Probiotic (it’s important to heal the gut when food is causing skin issues) I started these straight away and seen an improvement in the look and feel of my Hungarian Vizsla’s skin. It’s worth noting, she is super fussy! But I can just sprinkle these supplements over her food and she loves them!

Then I started the tedious job of a food elimination diet. We now have our girl on a kangaroo BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) diet and continued with the Skin + Coat (supplement).

She’s 95% better. Here are some before and after photos to show you just how much she has improved. First photo is January (2021) with no supplements, second photo is 4 weeks of both Petz Park supplements, and third photo is today, new diet and Skin + Coat supplement.

You may notice the richness of her coat in the third photo, her fur is softer, the bald patches are pretty well gone and her colour has improved!

I reviewed Petz Park a few months ago, but decided to provide an update on our journey.

Give it a try! Petz Park can help you too."

Review by: Brony Bone, 24 April 2021

How to add probiotics to your dog's diet

Help your dog to feel great by adding probiotics to their morning meal and they'll feel the benefits throughout the day!

Fussy eater? Some dogs can spot any changes to their favourite meals instantly! Customers with fussy eaters have had success by adding their supplement to yoghurt (remember to avoid the artificial sweeteners). Yum.

How to add probiotics to your dog's diet

Is your dog suffering from digestive issues, low energy or skin disorders?

Why not try these probiotic supplement combinations, made right here in Australia and enjoy free delivery for orders over $35!