Urinary + Kidney for Cats

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Size: 60 Scoops

Flavour: Fish

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Urinary + Kidney is designed for cats experiencing or prone to urinary tract infections and kidney disease. 

💡 Renal failure in cats affects approximately 1 in 3 cats in Australia,  with an increased incidence with age. This powder uses a blend to help promote proper kidney function as your cat ages.

💡 Urinary tract infections can be a painful experience for cats, especially if they are recurring. This cat supplement provides support for a healthy urinary tract and a normal flow of urine. 

🐱 Safe and effective formula

🐱 For all ages and breeds

🐱 Sprinkle onto food or mix it in

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💠 Nettle Seed Extract: A mild anti-inflammatory that is known to reduce the swelling of the urinary tract. This ingredient is an antimicrobial, (helps to slow the spread of bacteria and viruses).

💠 Cranberry Extract: This ingredient is known for stopping infections such as E Coli from entering the urinary tract and causing a UTI. Using cranberry makes it harder for bacteria to stick to the wall of a cat's bladder. This means that bacteria are flushed out of a cat's system much quicker.

💠 D-Mannose: The main nutrient in cranberries that helps fight UTIs. When consumed, D-Mannose becomes part of the urine where it can collect bad bacteria out of the bladder. The bacteria binds to the D-Mannose rather than the lining of the urinary tract and is safely eliminated.

💠 Sodium citrate anhydrous: The salt used in this urinary tract supplement help to keep the urine alkaline. Infections such as E Coli often create a more acidic environment in the urinary tract.


How long will a pouch last?

Cat's Weight Dosage Levels Enough For
Up to 4kgs 1 scoop daily 8 weeks 
Over 4kgs 2 scoops daily 4 weeks