Hip + Joint for Cats

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Size: 60 Scoops

Flavour: Fish

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Hip + Joint is designed for cats experiencing symptoms of joint related diseases such as arthritis or joint trauma. This joint supplement is also formulated to help ageing cats with general deterioration in their joints.

It delivers essential ingredients that are known to help maintain healthy bones and joints. This tasty fish flavoured powder uses Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin amongst other ingredients in a highly concentrated way to deliver optimal results.

🐱 Safe and effective formula

🐱 For all ages and breeds

🐱 Sprinkle onto food or mix it in

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🐈 GLUCOSAMINE: Glucosamine for cats is known to help restore joints and deter discomfort caused by arthritis and other joint problems. It is used by the body to make other chemicals involved in building tendons, cartilage, ligaments and synovial fluids to strengthen cat joints.

🦴 MSM: This cat supplement for arthritis includes large amounts of MSM, a natural anti-inflammatory. MSM signals to the body to produce more cortisol, which helps to lower inflammation. The high quantities of this ingredient makes Hip + Joint very unique and effective. By reducing inflammation in your cat’s joints, you can help leave your kitty pain free from their joint related issue.

🔥 CHONDROITIN: A major requirement in joint cartilage, Chondroitin helps to stimulate cartilage growth and elasticity, ensuring adequate shock absorption and nourishment to the joints. 

You'll find no vegetable oils, soy flour or preservatives in our tasty powders. 

How long will a pouch last?

Cat's Weight Dosage Levels Enough For
Up to 4kgs 1 scoop daily 8 weeks 
Over 4kgs 2 scoops daily 4 weeks