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Important Information

For cats experiencing fear, age or separation related anxiety.


How do I feed Stress + Anxiety to my cat?

Simply add your Stress + Anxiety powder to your cat's food!
You can leave it sprinkled on top or even mix it in if they'd prefer. Use for 10-14 consecutive days before expecting to see improvements.
stress and anxiety powder how to use
Top Petz Park tip: Mix the powder into a spoon of yoghurt.


When is best to feed this product? Timing is key!

Separation anxiety: Feed 30 minutes before you leave each time.
Socialisation: Feed 30 minutes before socialising.
Illness: Feed when cat is showing signs of pain anxiety.
Insomnia: Feed with evening food or before bed.
General anxiety: Feed with morning food.


How long does it last?

Stress + Anxiety takes effect around 30 minutes after feeding. It peaks for 6-8 hours before some ingredients start to decline.
Please note that Stress + Anxiety is a calming supplement.
For best results, use alongside training methods.


Did you know that stress can cause frequent UTIs?




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