Anti stress and anxiety for dogs, stress relief, no more fidgeting whimpering separation anxiety

Anxiety & Calming Supplements for Dogs

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🐶RELIEVES FEAR & ANXIETY - relax the mind to limit common signs of anxiety such as crouching, lowered ears, crying, chewing, trembling, hiding, and unexpected urination.

🐶LOWERS STRESS LEVELS - our soothing natural formula can reduce noticeable signs of stress such as not eating, excessive pacing, panting, lip licking, tucked tails, and whimpering. 

🐶REDUCES AGGRESSION  - Each chewable contains ingredients that help reduce aggressive behaviour such as barking, growling, biting, dominant demeanours, and destructive chewing.

🐶CALMS HYPERACTIVE BEHAVIOUR - Our formula can help alleviate fidgeting, jumping, running restlessness, and erratic behaviour.


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