How Calming Supplements Can Help Anxiety in Dogs

Stress and anxiety in dogs is more common than we think.  Studies show that over 70% of dogs experience stress and anxiety. Sometimes a dog can experience anxiety and fear due to stressful situations, environments or underlying personality traits. 


However, there is a difference between a dog’s personality and the persistent stress and anxiety experienced. Some dogs commonly experience separation anxiety or a sense of fear.

How Anti-Anxiety Supplements Can Help Decrease Stress and Anxiety in Dogs 

Let’s look at one of our customer’s journeys of discovering stress and anxiety in their dog, Charlie.


Charlie was scared of just about anything. She was scared to be around other people and other dogs. She was easily frightened by a thunderstorm or a loud noise to the point where she would jump out of her own skin. As a result, her anxiety and stress increased causing her to become clingy with serious separation anxiety. The separation anxiety led Charlie to become fearful of being left alone at home without becoming destructive.

“We tried everything.”


For Charlie’s owners, training techniques were providing little improvement in her ability to listen to cues without becoming fearful of distractions. 


That’s when an alternative to dog training became a viable solution. 


Calming supplements for dogs is becoming increasingly popular to treat anxiety in dogs. Some of the best anti anxiety supplements for dogs contain ingredients known to settle nerves and decrease stress with calming ingredients such as Chamomile, Hemp, Valerian Root and Withania Somnifera.

“We found Petz Park Stress + Anxiety calming supplements for dogs and it has helped transform Charlie’s life (and ours).”



In just 30 minutes, the powder’s active ingredients started to kick-in. Charlie became more responsive and attentive to cues. And the real test was when a thunderstorm hit on the same night. But she managed to sleep right through. For an anxious and stressed dog, this is often unheard of.


A few weeks later we noticed that this calming supplement for dogs like Charlie has reduced anxiety triggers and promotes overall anti-anxiety in dogs. Triggers like thunderstorms have become less of a problem and as a result, sleepless nights are a thing of the past. This anti-anxiety supplement for dogs can also help reduce anxiety, stress and fear around other dogs to ensure dogs like Charlie are calmer around other people and dogs.


We are so pleased that owners like Charlie’s have seen improvements in their pet’s behaviour. 


If you’re struggling with an anxious pup, try using the Petz Park Stress + Anxiety formula. This calming supplement for dogs helps to reduce anxiety, stress and fears so you can get back to your normal routine without a worry.