Fun Spring Activities For You And Your Dog

Spring is the right time for you and your dog to stretch your legs and engage in some outdoor activities. In fact, this is the favourite season for many people. The weather is nice, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and summer is just around the corner. 

Since our pets love spending time outside, it's crucial to note that with spring come certain seasonal problems, such as ticks and allergies. As a pet parent, you need to take necessary precautions to keep your dog safe. 

In this article, we have prepared a checklist of fun activities you can do with your furry companion!

Schedule a play day

Like humans, dogs like to socialise and make friends. Taking your dog to the park is a great way to catch up with other dog owners. Canines enjoy playing with one another and being in the company of other dogs improves your pet's mental and physical well-being. 

If you own a fenced-in yard, you could organise a paw party and ask your friends to bring their dogs as well. Prepare a lot of dog-friendly games, snacks and a corner where they can rest and socialise. 

Regular Walks With Dog

Go on regular walks 

Whether you go for a ten-minute or an hour-long walk, your dog will appreciate the extra time they get to spend with you. Breathing the fresh air will do wonders for your health, so do it regularly. Set up a daily routine for you and your pet. 

You need to pay attention to your dog's endurance and ability to exercise. Smaller dogs tend to get tired quickly, so keep an eye on signs like limping, slowing down, halting speed, heavy panting, fatigue and others. A walk in your neighbouring park is enough to keep your dog physically engaged. 

Go camping and bring their favourite dog toys

You don't have to leave your dog in a kennel when going on a holiday. Why not bring them on a little adventure? Camping trips are a great time to have some fun with your dog. Canines of any size enjoy spending time in nature. 

Dogs are pretty independent and will allow you to spend quality time exploring the places you want to visit while being occupied with their favourite toys. Make sure to look for dog-friendly cabins on nearby beaches and parks and start creating life-long memories with your pet. 

Dog Toys

Start jogging together 

If you are dealing with an enthusiastic and energetic puppy, a long sprint is an excellent way to keep their energy levels under control. However, some dogs are more suited to longer runs than others, so keep in mind your canine's fitness and outdoor conditions.

If your dog is a true runner and tends to bolt, investing in a running leash is absolutely necessary. Try to set up records and beat your previous time. This could become a regular activity for both of you. 

People and Dogs Jogging together

Take your dog off the leash

Jogs and walks are great, but most of the time you will have to keep your dog on a leash for safety reasons. Look for a place where your pet can run freely, like off-leash trails or dog parks nearby. You could bring a frisbee, tennis ball or any toy your dog enjoys chasing. 

Teach your pet new tricks 

Dogs love learning new things, so set a challenge for them by teaching them new things. This way they can entertain you and your friends. Explore YouTube, get some treats and start practising new tricks. 

You are training your dogs and helping them learn something new by teaching them new stuff. By the time you host the next house party, your pet will be the topic of every conversation. 

Teach Your Pet New Tricks

Book a room at a pet-friendly hotel and bring dog chew toys

Not all hotels accept dogs. If you plan a trip with your pet, booking a room at a pet-friendly hotel is important. You would be surprised to know that some of the most exciting lodgings in Australia accept canines. 

This could be a perfect opportunity to plan a mini holiday with your pet and allow them to explore new areas while giving yourself some time to relax. Don't forget to bring their favourite chew toys because dogs love to have something that reminds them of home and keeps them entertained.

Go on a hike 

With spring comes the warmer weather, so it's a perfect opportunity to take your pet on a hiking trail. Hikes are an excellent exercise for both of you and the view at the top makes this journey worth your time and effort. 

You could take beautiful photos of your dog or simply enjoy the scenery for a few minutes. If you take your pet off-leash, make sure they don't go far away. Remember that some locations might have poisonous plants and wild animals, so keep your dog close to you. 

Give your dog a spring cleaning 

Spring cleaning will depend on how your dog feels about grooming. They might not enjoy this activity as much. However, you could take advantage of warm weather and get their coat ready. 

Over the winter, dogs tend to accumulate a lot of loose fur so an outdoor bath could be a great idea. Make this a fun activity for both of you. If your dog doesn't like this type of grooming, don't pressure them and take them to a professional grooming service. Usually dogs that love water will enjoy outdoor bathing. 

Visit a beach with your pet 

Many breeds enjoy swimming and getting wet and there is no better way to do this than visiting your local beach. You can find many dog-friendly beaches and while your pet splashes around the water you can soak up some sunshine. 

You don't need to live near the beach for your dog to splash in the water, visit your local lake or river. These places tend to have stunning beaches as well. 

What dog toys and accessories to get

Whether you are away from home or just taking a walk in a nearby park, it's good to have some dog toys and accessories with you. 

Don't go camping without a Lickimat 

A Lickimat encourages the act of liking and helps reduce anxiety, destructive behaviour and boredom in dogs. This item is especially beneficial when you and your dog are away from home or when you have to leave your pet unattended for quite some time. If you notice your dog is acting strange, just spread some peanut butter or yoghurt over a Lickimat and it will do wonders in calming their nerves. 

Bring a snuffle mat to fight boredom

The next item on your list should be a snuffle mat that will keep your dog engaged and mentally stimulated. You could hide dry food inside, let your pet snuffle and look for hidden treats. 

Try different KONG dog toys

You can get some of the best KONG dog toys Australia has to offer. They come in different shapes and forms. While some are designed to fight dental issues and encourage outdoor play, others address separation anxiety and boredom. They all  have one thing in common;  KONG toys are made of a durable material that can endure long-lasting chewing sessions. 

Dog Toys and Accessories

How to prepare your dog for some spring action? 

Before you decide to take your dog outside, it's important to prepare them for warm weather. 

Keep them groomed 

Warm weather means a lot of shedding. This is when our furry companions lose their winter coats and get thinner attire. There will be a lot of fur floating around the house, so bathing and grooming are necessary to keep your house clean and your pet comfortable.  

Use tick, flea and heartworm protection 

Ticks and fleas are at their peak during the spring season. Therefore, you have to be cautious because they tend to bear dangerous parasites. Use preventive drugs to keep your pet safe. 

Take things slowly 

Once the warm weather arrives, most pet parents want to make up for lost time and months of inactivity. They will usually take their dogs on mile-long walks, climb some mountain trail, or engage in an intense game of frisbee. 

You should take things slowly instead of doing everything at once. This helps your canines gradually build their strength and endurance. 

Spring has finally come, so it's time to get outside and enjoy some outdoor activities. Take your dog on a new outdoor adventure and help them work off all that pinup energy they've accumulated during winter.

Make sure to let us know what spring activities you and your dog enjoyed the most!