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    The Microbiome Connection: Nurturing Your Dog's Digestive Health

    Proper nutrition is essential for a dog's well-being and it's not all about keeping them sated. While taste is important, gut health also plays a critical role in energy, immunity and overall physical and mental wellness.

  • How to Solve Dog Digestive Problems

    How to Solve Dog Digestive Problems

    Similar to humans, dogs need a balanced and nutritious diet which is essential for their health and longevity. The right combination of carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals contributes to a dog's immune system, making them feel good in their skin while having the energy to spare.

  • 10 Signs That Your Dog Needs Probiotics

    10 Signs That Your Dog Needs Probiotics

    Even your dog can have a day off! You may notice low energy levels, odd behaviour or digestive issues and this might be something dog probiotics can help with.

  • Should Your Dog Be On A Probiotic

    Should Your Dog Be On A Probiotic?

    A dog’s digestive system is as delicate as humans and that’s why we hear so many vets recommending the use of probiotics. We can find probiotic supplements in many forms and the vast majority of them...

  • probiotics-for-cats-and-dogs

    Are Probiotics Helpful For Dogs And Cats?

    The more we learn about the gut microbiome, the more we realise how important it actually is. It doesn't only ensure the proper functioning of the digestive tract but promotes good immunity...