The (Dog) Crap No One Tells You

You’re on this post because you’re a dog owner or you know someone that is a dog owner, right?

Whichever it is, you’ll be blown away by the simple information we’re about to dump on you. So blown away that you’ll want to share it with every one of your pup parent besties. 

But you have to promise to read to the end… because that’s where you’ll find out the good shit.

Like us humans, dogs can come across all sorts of problems in their lives. Skin conditions, allergies, dental issues; you name it, we’re all at risk to it.

But something that you don’t always get told is that you can focus on one area of your dog and prevent the rest.

It’s the crappy truth… TAKE CARE OF YOUR DOG’S GUT HEALTH. 

You see, investing into gut health can keep your dog happy and healthy as well as saving you heaps of time and money. Think about it, how does having a strong digestive system affect your life? 

Inside your dog’s intestines are a ton of microorganisms or bacteria, (normal flora). They inhabit the intestines naturally but it’s up to you how they are utilised. By increasing the number of beneficial bacteria, you’ll create a positive impact on your dog’s immunity and overall health.

Don’t worry, we get it. Science? Yuck. We hate to be the party poopers, but what’s more “yuck” is the mess that could be made if your dog has a compromised gut.


dog diarrhea gut health


🐾 Not only will looking after your dog’s digestive system cause you a lot less stress when it comes to cleaning up but more importantly, your dog will feel more comfortable. #1, dropping brown snakes will be easier for them if their gut is healthy and they won’t be in pain. And #2, you’ll be able to hold your nose a lot less when picking up after them.

🐾 The quality of your dog’s urine is highly determined by their gut and their hydration levels. With a well looked after gut, less odour and acidity will be existent. This is especially helpful if you use toilet pads indoors or if any accidents may occur at home!

🐾 Bad breath in your dog? This is something that we get asked about all the time. It is likely their bacteria are imbalanced and their nutrition isn’t as on point as it should be.

You need to balance their oral microbiomes. And guess how? By increasing the number of good bacteria in their gut! 

🐾 We’re no Poodini’s but we do know that digestive health determines how well nutrients, vitamins and minerals are absorbed. Healthy gut = healthy and shiny coat. AND healthy skin. The 21st century is all about the glow up so get your dog involved too! Watch those Instagram likes come reeling in as the light bounces off of your pups’ fur. 

🐾 Food sensitivities and/or a low-quality diet causes an immune system to “overreact”. This can bring on allergy type reactions. Without a healthy immune system in your dog, a gateway to future issues will be opened. The intestinal immune system has a direct connection to the mind. If your dog has an unhealthy immune system, this will create a negative balance in their mind and could potentially lead to mental health problems, including depression and anxiety.


cute dog toilet roll mess


What is there that a healthy gut can’t do?! Unfortunately, there is one qualm. It can’t look after itself, (no shit, Sherlock?!). Well, not entirely anyway.

That’s where a certified organic and natural Probiotic supplement comes in handy. Probiotics for Dogs is quick and easy to use and has been created to help you and your dog live better together. And it’s not full of crap.

Of course, a high-quality diet is unquestionable but no one ever said no to an extra boost of health for when shit hits the fan!

Probiotic for Dogs delivers a paw-sitive impact on so many qualities such as liver disease, behavioural issues, mood swings and all of the above points too. It simply helps the gut to provide a healthy balance of good bacteria. This means your dog is able to make the most out of every single meal through efficient digestion and the correct nutrients being absorbed.



“What is the real secret here Petz Park?”

It’s the latest trend, the hype, the 411… and it might come as no surprise to you that our secret ingredient is: 


Yes, hemp is derived from the Cannabis Sativa family. No, we aren’t talking about turning your dog into the next Snoop Dogg. We’re talking about the insane amount of benefits hemp has. That’s why we made sure our new formula was able to feature it.

Hemp provides a near-perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 which makes it one of the most naturally balanced ways to add Omega into your dog’s diet. (These are essential fatty acids that a dog cannot produce naturally).

This “superfood” has SO many benefits that we just couldn’t keep it a secret.

Hemp alone is known to;

  • Naturally reduce inflammation
  • Reduce seizures
  • Enhance cardiovascular function and immune system response
  • Improve appearance of skin and coat
  • Support flexibility and comfort
  • Regulates the digestive process
  • Helps to remove toxins from the GI system

So to answer the question, “Why Hemp?” …

Why not Hemp?

Hemp, combined with our other organic and natural ingredients, is likely to keep your dog at a healthy weight and at less of a risk of other health complications. You’ll be comforted if any illnesses did pipe up because you’ll be certain your pup will bounce back quicker than any other.


bristol stool chart for dogs


Now that you’re an expert on your dog’s gut health and just how important it really is to their overall well-being and lifestyle; you can enjoy your lives together right the way up to their senior years.

If you want all of the benefits listed above, be sure to check out Petz Park Probiotic for Dogs. We’ve done our duties – it’s time for your dog to do theirs! Let’s make (good) shit happen.

Remember, if you have any concerns, always consult your vet. The health and safety of your dog is the most important thing to us. 

For more information on Probiotic for Dogs, get in touch! We are always happy to help answer your questions.