Boost your dog's allergy resilience and soothe skin irritation!

Petz Park Allergy Duo Supplements for Dogs are expertly formulated to address and mitigate the impacts of environmental and seasonal allergies. This innovative product supports skin vitality, strengthens the immune system against allergens and helps manage inflammation, making it perfect for enhancing your dog's quality of life amidst allergy challenges.

Powerful Blend of Ingredients

Enhance Allergy Defense

Promote Skin & Coat Health

Formulated & Made in Australia

Rated 4.6 out of 5

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5 Reasons Why Petz Park Allergy Duo Is A Must-Have For Your Dog


The Power of Probiotics and Skin + Coat Care

Probiotic: The ultimate defense against internal allergies, reducing paw licking and strengthening the immune system.

Skin + Coat: Protects your pup from pollen and allergens, so you can both enjoy springtime walks without worry.


Promotes Skin Health

Specifically formulated to reduce itching, sneezing and irritation, helping dogs feel more comfortable and less affected by allergens in their environment.

Ingredients like Omega 3 fatty acids nourish the skin, enhancing its ability to act as a barrier against allergens and reducing susceptibility to irritations.


Targets The Source Of The Problem

A lot of the problems pet owners mistake for isolated issues can actually be larger symptoms of an imbalance in the microbiome. The inclusion of probiotics supports gut health, which is closely linked to immune function, enabling the body to respond more effectively to allergens.


Combats Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory components within the supplement work to minimise the physical reactions dogs have to allergens, such as swelling and discomfort.


Backed By 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your peace of mind is our top priority at Petz Park. That's why we offer a 40-Day Money-Back Guarantee on our Allergy Duo. If your dog refuses to eat it we will provide a full refund. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you with any concerns or questions you might have.

Gift Your Pup the Joy of Comfort and Radiance with Probiotic and Skin + Coat Care Today!

45 Scoops

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No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or GMOs. Dairy-free.

The #1 Choice For Dog Owners

Natural Approach to Itchy Skin

We absolutely love using this product in our household! 😍 My Frenchie Hunter has now stopped going to the vet on a monthly basis to have a cytopoint injection thanks to these products and we are over the moon about this! Not only are we saving money, but our Frenchie is now receiving a more natural approach to his itchy skin.

- Emma Xavier

Significant Improvement

My boy's name is Rusty and he is a cattle cross breed - so inherently due to his breeding we have always struggled with allergies! I have just bought my second cycle of the Allergy Duo and have noticed a significant improvement in his health over the last 6 weeks and especially over the warmer weather.

- Claire Stoll

Highly Recommended

The allergy duo is amazing! I have been giving it to my American Staffy for just over 3 weeks now and the results are clearly visible already. No more paw redness and constant licking. Her coat has thickened and is silky smooth. Hair has started to regrow on the tip of her tail where she had been gnawing at it. Extremely happy with this product and highly recommend.

- Pauline

Directions for Dosage

For optimal results, we recommend closely following the recommended dosage according to your dog's weight. Sprinkle your powder on top of your dog's food or mix it in if they prefer.

Dog's Weight

Under 11kgs



Over 36kgs


1/2 Scoop Daily

1 Scoop Daily

2 Scoops Daily

3 Scoops Daily

How long will a pouch last?


45 Scoops

90 Scoops

180 Scoops


13 weeks

26 weeks

52 weeks


6 weeks

13 weeks

26 weeks


3 weeks

6 weeks

12 weeks

36kgs +

2 weeks

4 weeks

8 weeks

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