PetzPark Hip + Joint supplement packaging for cats, labeled 'Most Popular' with a Trustpilot rating of 4.8/5.

Enhance your cat's agility and eliminate joint stiffness!

Petz Park Hip & Joint Supplement for Cats offers a targeted formula to improve joint mobility, ease discomfort and support healthy joints and bones, ideal for maintaining an active lifestyle in cats of all ages.

Powerful Blend of Ingredients

Boost Mobility & Strength

Enhances Joint & Bone Health

Alleviates Joint Pain & Inflammation

Reduce Inflammation

Formulated & Made In Australia

5 Reasons Why Petz Park Hip + Joint Is A Must-Have For Your Cat


Improves Mobility and Flexibility

Watching your cat struggle to move can be tough. This supplement makes it easier for your cat to stay active. It promotes healthy joints and enhances flexibility, allowing your cat to jump and play effortlessly.

Orange long-haired cat perched on yellow furniture against a white background.
Relaxed gray cat lying on a white bedspread.


Reduces Joint Pain and Discomfort

Cats can feel pain in their joints, especially as they get older. PetzPark's Hip & Joint Supplement has special ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. These ingredients help reduce pain and make your cat feel more comfortable, so they can move around without hurting.


Supports Overall Joint & Bone Health

It’s important to take care of your cat’s joints before there are big problems. Using this supplement regularly helps keep your cat’s joints and cartilage healthy. This means your cat’s joints will stay strong as they get older, preventing serious joint issues later.

One black cat embracing an orange tabby cat with its paw on a wooden surface.
An orange and white cat licking its paw with eyes closed.


Delicious and Easy to Give

Giving your cat supplements can be tricky. PetzPark's Hip & Joint Supplement is easy to give to your cat. It tastes good and can be mixed with their food or given as a treat. This makes it simple to include in your cat’s daily routine.


Backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee

Your peace of mind is our top priority at Petz Park. That's why we offer a 40-Day Money-Back Guarantee on our Hip + Joint. If your cat refuses to eat it we will provide a full refund. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you with any concerns or questions you might have.

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Give your dog the gift of easier movements and a more joyful life today!

Most Popular

Bag of PetzPark Hip + Joint Glucosamine supplement for cats.

60 Scoops

($0.51 per day)


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40-day money back guarantee

Best Value

Packaging of PetzPark Hip + Joint supplement for cats with glucosamine.

120 Scoops

($0.45 per day)


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No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or GMOs. Dairy-free.

The #1 Choice For Cat Lovers

Doing really well

My elderly cat, Honey, is doing really well on the Hip and Joint powder. We noticed an improvement after about three weeks. Has just started her third pack. Honey is more mobile, can climb up on to the sofa and bed (which she has not done for months), and is a much happier cat. I highly recommend this product!

- Deirdre Lynch

Amazing improvement!

I have used this product for my 17 year old Ragdoll Cookie who has Arthritis. The improvement in him is amazing! He is eating more. Wants more close love and cuddles. Is Playing more, Jumping up on the couch and is less grumpy. I definitely recommend this product and will continue to use this for Cookie.

- Bec Knight

More spritely and active in two months

Have used two packs of this stuff for my 18 year old male tabby whose knee was clicking and he was limping. After about two or so months of using it his knee clicks less and he is more spritely and active. I use two scoops every day, because he's a large cat. Thanks to the awesome team at petz park!

- Thomas G

Orange tabby cat walking on a wooden floor inside a house.

Directions for Dosage

For optimal results, we recommend closely following the recommended dosage according to your cat's weight. Sprinkle your powder on top of your cat's food or mix it in if they prefer.

Cat's Weight

Up to 4 kgs

Over 4 kgs


1 Scoop Daily

2 Scoops Daily

How long will a pouch last?


60 Scoops

120 Scoops

Up to 4 kgs

8 weeks

16 weeks

Over 4 kgs

4 weeks

8 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

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