Promote Your Cat's Gut Health and Relieve Stomach Discomfort

Petz Park Probiotic for Cats is a powerful supplement powder with a blend of pre and probiotics to promote a healthy gut and address issues like excessive grooming, allergies and digestive discomfort in your feline friend.

Powerful Blend of Ingredients

Supports Digestive Health

Prevents Over-Grooming

Boosts Immune System

Formulated & Made in Australia

Rated 4.7 out of 5

from 100+ Trustpilot Product Reviews

5 Reasons Why Petz Park Probiotic Is A Must-Have For Your Cat


Targets the source of the problem

That constant itching or paw licking in your cat may actually reflect a larger problem related to their microbiome imbalance.  Itā€™s why a healthy gut is the first step to a cure-all, not a temporary topical treatment. Petz Park Probiotic is expertly formulated to restore and maintain gut health, addressing the root cause of many health issues among cats.


Alleviates over-grooming

Excessive grooming often occurs as a result of allergies. Cats groom themselves to relieve itching. Strengthen your cat's immune system with this mix of Probiotics to help reduce excessive grooming.


Improve digestion and avoid hairball formation

Probiotics can be a helpful ally in keeping your cat's digestive system running smoothly and preventing troublesome hairballs. These friendly bacteria assist in better digestion, ensuring that undigested food particles clinging to hair pass through the digestive tract easily, before they can turn into hairballs. Watch out for common signs of cat hairballs like retching, gagging and a decreased appetite.


A tasty supplement
for even the pickiest eaters

We understand that some cats are fussy eaters, which is why our probiotic formula is designed to appeal to all cats, regardless of their taste preferences. Even the fussiest eaters have licked their bowls clean! Our formula was tested on 20 cats known for their picky eating habits, according to their owners.


Backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee

We offer a 40-Day Money-Back Guarantee on our Probiotic. If your cat refuses to eat it we will provide a full refund. Our customer service team is ready to assist you with any concerns, questions or even return requests you may have ā€“ 24/7.

Take control of your cat's gut health by supplementing Petz Park Probiotic into their routine!

Take control of your dogā€™s gut health by supplementing Petz Park Probiotic into their routine.

60 Scoops

($0.51 per day)


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40-day money back guarantee

Best Value

120 Scoops

($0.45 per day)


Free Home Delivery

40-day money back guarantee


No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or GMOs. Dairy-free.

The #1 Choice For Cat Owners

My Cat is So Healthy

I love it.... My Livvy was throwing up multiple times a day, and tiny. Now no more vomit to clean up ans her coat is so shiny and she has put on so much weight. She is so healthy

- Deborah Keith

My kitten has been loving this

My kitten has been loving this so far <3 i got this to help with her diarrhoea and this combined with changing to better kibble has definitely helped firm up her poos. I have yet to see any improvement in breath but will keep in using it for the digestive benefits. Thankyou Petzpark!

- Ann


Exceptional! This has helped our cats so much! From constantly loose bowel motions to perfect consistency. Our babies are back to their fun playful self now they are healthy.

- Skye Novella

Directions for Dosage

For optimal results, we recommend closely following the recommended dosage according to your cat's weight. Sprinkle your powder on top of your cat's food or mix it in if they prefer.

Cat's Weight

Up to 4 kgs

Over 4 kgs


1 Scoop Daily

2 Scoops Daily

How long will a pouch last?


60 Scoops

120 Scoops

Up to 4 kgs

8 weeks

16 weeks

Over 4 kgs

4 weeks

8 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions