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For cats wanting an extra nutrition boost and all-round health support as they age.
How do I feed Multivitamin to my cat?
Simply add your Multivitamin powder to your cat's food!
You can leave it sprinkled on top or even mix it in if they'd prefer. 
pet park supplement powder added into food
Top Petz Park tip: Mix the powder into a spoon of yoghurt.
Can I use it alongside other products?
Absolutely! Multivitamin is an all-rounder and features smaller amounts of ingredients that may be featured in other products. We’ve made sure it’s safe to combine with other products should you wish to address a particular ailment alongside it.
What does it do?
Multivitamin uses a combination of vitamins and minerals to support overall nutrition in cats. 
This supplement features taurine. Many commercial foods for cats lack taurine, essential amino acid. It is necessary in a cat’s diet for the health of the brain, eyes and normal vision, heart muscle function, digestion, immune function and fetal development. 
It also aims to help with deficiencies and boost energy levels.
Take care of your cat's overall dental health too by adding our Dental Kelp alongside Multivitamin:
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