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For dogs experiencing skin related problems such as hot spots (dermatitis), allergies, dry, itchy or flaky skin, excess shedding and dandruff.


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How do I feed Skin + Coat to my dog?

Simply add your Skin + Coat powder to your dog's food! 
You can leave it sprinkled on top or even mix it in if they'd prefer.
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Top Petz Park tip: Mix the powder into a spoon of yoghurt or banana.


How long do I have to wait to see results?

Please allow for 4-6 consecutive weeks before seeing improvements in your dog.


Does it have side effects?

It is important to stick closely to the recommended serving according to your dogs weight. Excessive amounts of omega 3 could cause your dog to have side effects such as diarrhea.



Skin + Coat paired with Petz Park Probiotic aims to tackle allergies inside and out. 
Skin + Coat includes ingredients to help strengthen the body’s natural allergen barrier whilst Probiotic uses its potent formula to boost the immune system.
Together, these are quite the allergy busting dream team!


Your Skin + Coat is part of our most popular duo. Save money by bundling Skin + Coat with Probiotic right here:



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Don’t forget to take a before and after pictures to see improvements!
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