Kelp Powder for Cats

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Sprinkle Dental Kelp for Cats onto your cat’s food to keep their teeth disease free and squeaky clean. 🐱

This powdered supplement features Ascophyllum Nodosum, (more commonly named Norwegian Kelp) and coconut. 

Kelp is an iodine-rich ingredient is known to:

🦷 Fight against plaque (tartar) build up

🦷 Reduce gum disease

🦷 Eliminate bad breath

🦷 Prevent dental disease

🦷 Maintain overall dental health

🪥 For best results, use alongside our dental sticks and toothpaste.


Norwegian Kelp has natural anti-adhesive, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This means by feeding daily, we can reduce levels of bacteria from sticking to the tooth enamel, loosen existing plaque and minimise tartar build up. It is used to help keep your cat’s teeth clean and reduce halitosis, (bad breath)!


🥥 FEATURES COCONUT: Dental Kelp for Cats also features Coconut for its anti-microbial function. This ingredient helps to prevent the growth and spread of unwanted microbes as well as enhancing the flavour of our Dental Kelp supplement.

⚠️ Not suitable for cats with thyroid disorders.



How long will a pouch last?

Cat's Weight Dosage Levels Enough For
Up to 4kgs 1/2 scoop daily 26 weeks 
Over 4kgs 1 scoop daily 13 weeks