Multivitamin for Cats

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Size: 60 Scoops

Flavour: Fish

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Available 20.08.2022 🐈


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Finding it hard to get all of your cats vitamins into them? Or just want your cat to live their best life? 🐱

Add this tasty grain free powder to your cat’s daily meal to boost their overall health and well-being.

 BOOST EVERYDAY LIFE: Sometimes it’s difficult to get every nutrient into meals, we’re only human after all! This product supports you by giving your chosen cat diet a nutritional boost and ensures your kitty is getting any nutrients that may have been missed. Pump some extra zest into their day with this Petz Park supplement.

🐈 FILL THE GAP: Multivitamin features carefully chosen ingredients to help you fill the nutrient gap in your cat’s diet. This product includes a mix of vitamins and minerals to take care of your cat’s overall health.

🔶 FEATURES TAURINE: Many commercial foods for cats lack this essential amino acid. Taurine is necessary in a cat’s diet for the health of the brain, eyes and normal vision, heart muscle function, digestion, immune function and fetal development. Cats cannot make Taurine themselves and so it must be obtained through diet.

🔗 SUPPORT DEFICIENCIES: Vitamins and minerals for cats are essential for general health. Use this powder to deflect vitamin or mineral deficiencies that may be present in your cat.

❤️ SKIN HEALTH: Give your cat’s skin health a boost and maintain the slickness in their appearance with the added omega 3 (EPA and DHA) in this powder. 

🇦🇺 MADE IN AUSTRALIA: Petz Park Multivitamin for Cats is made in Australia for any age and any breed of cat. Give your cat the head start they deserve by supplementing this grain free powder right from kittenhood.



How long will a pouch last?

Cat's Weight Dosage Levels Enough For
Up to 4kgs 1 scoop daily 8 weeks 
Over 4kgs 2 scoops daily 4 weeks