How to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Glossy and Healthy: Top Effective Tips

Keeping your dog happy and healthy is of course a pup-parent’s priority.

But did you know that your dog’s coat is one of the clearest indicators of their overall health? 

That’s why there are many factors included when it comes to keeping their coat shiny

Of course, there are different time periods to abide by, products to use and dosages to administer but when it comes to general care; all breeds can follow the same pointers to ensure a healthy dog skin and coat is sustained.


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What does it mean if your dog has a dull or damaged coat?

Your dog could be receiving a poor diet with not enough protein. Check the ingredients you are giving your dog as well as their treats – there are plenty of nutritional goodies out there too! 

Does your dog have a medical issue? Things such as parasites, infections, fleas and ticks and kidney conditions can affect the overall appearance of your dog’s coat. Head to the vet and check that none of these issues are present.

Have you noticed any skin problems? Is your dog itching, licking or biting themselves as a result of a skin condition? This can damage your dog’s top layer - causing it to become dull, matted or broken.

Now you know some potential causes of a damaged coat, you want solutions – right?

Here are 5 Petz Park tips on how improve dog skin and coat:

  1. Fish: tuna, sardines and salmon. These are full of omega-3 fatty acids which can be beneficial for other skin problems too. Alternatively, you can add supplements to your dog’s food. Include a scoop of Skin + Coat into your usual daily feeding routine. The high amounts of omega 3 will be sure to boost the appearance of your dog's skin and coat.

  2. When purchasing dog food for skin and coat, look for foods that have protein as the first ingredient. Avoid things like grains and preservatives. Provide a balanced diet which is aligned with their nutritional standards. 

  3. Brush your dog. This is vital to removing dead skin and hair whilst stimulating the skin and hair follicles. It also increases the natural production of oils that make for a shiny dog coat. Remember that brushing requires the appropriate tools – there are many different types of brushes as there are many types of coat on a dog. Just ask a groomer or your vet if you’re unsure which ones you need! Alternatively, you can go all out for your best friend and treat them to a day at the grooming salon. Who doesn’t love to be pampered?

  4. Bathe your dog at the appropriate time. How often your dog will need bathing will depend on the type of fur they have, the length of their coat and how dirty they get. Over-washing can lead to stripping of essential oils from their skin. Where you can, use natural and/or organic products.

  5. Use oatmeal. Yes, it’s true! Soaking your dog in oatmeal will soothe their skin and leave you with a shiny coat. Grind as much as you’d like in your food processor until you reach a flour-like consistency. Add it to a lukewarm bath and allow your pup to soak for 5-10 minutes. As simple as that!

It’s that simple! 


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Remember to consult your vet if you have any concerns or need some advice.  Here at Petz Park, we put together a simple solution in order to make dull and brittle coats a softer, shinier, and healthier appearance.

Our carefully constructed Skin + Coat For Dogs will make sure your dog's skin and coat looks and stays healthy. We'd go as far to say it's the best dog skin and coat supplement around. 😉

Remember, if you have any questions, be sure to connect with us on Facebook. Here is where we can reply almost instantly! The team look forward to hearing from you.