5 Top Tips to Winter Proof Your Dog

 Does your dog love winter? Or just want to curl up under a cosy blanket?

Believe it or not, dogs need their lifestyle adapting for winter too. When the time comes for us to start wrapping up warm, we need to remember to take a little extra love and care for our furry friends too.


Take a look at Petz Park’s Top 5 Tips for Winter to keep your best friend safe... 


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Just like us, your dog can feel the temperature dropping too! When you reach for that extra layer or blanket, be sure to double check if your pup needs one too. You should also place their bedding on a warmer surface – carpets, rugs, etc.

Provide somewhere that they can escape the wind and rain whilst out walking – dog coats, jackets and waterproofs are a thing! If you like to take your dog out early in the morning or late at night, be sure to use high visibility accessories.



Keep their ears, tails and paws dry! If they are out playing in the rain or cold, be sure to dry off these parts of their body. We don’t want any nasty infections headed their way. A dog's body pulls warmth to the centre in order to stay warm – meaning these areas are more vulnerable.



Keeping extra hydrated in the winter is just as important as in summer. Staying hydrated means your pup can regulate its own body temperature. Use plastic bowls outside rather than metal ones so the water doesn’t get too cold!



It is easy for a parent to over-feed their dog in winter – be careful that you are not falling into that category. Yes your dog needs extra warmth during these months but with layers of coats and blankets, not fat! Be attentive to energy levels and adjust their diet accordingly.



Cold weather will often aggravate medical conditions in dogs, particularly arthritis. When exercising, be mindful of slippery surfaces. Make sure your dog has a warm soft rest area to recuperate after activities. If you don’t already give your dog a natural joint health product to lubricate the joints and ease the discomfort of arthritis (or as a precautionary measure), you may want to consider adding one in winter. Dogs are more susceptible to other illnesses during winter weather.


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Being more mindful of these tips will ensure that you and your dog will have a safe and enjoyable winter together. In case you're both still feeling cold - here are some dog quotes that will warm your heart.

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